Doan Van Hau is the secret weapon in Vietnam’s victory against Malaysia

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Soha.vnThe Vietnamese team excellently defeated Malaysia 2-1, continuing to open the door to the third round of 2022 World Cup qualifiers. In particular, the impressive return of Doan Van Hau’s in 90 minutes of the official game was greatly appreciated in this important victory.

Doan Van Hau – “The trump card” of Coach Park Hang-Seo

Back in the 90 minutes of the official match against Malaysia, Doan Van Hau was considered an extremely powerful “trump card” that was launched to strengthen the Vietnamese team’s competitive lineup.

Mr. Park was right when in the first minutes of the game, Doan Van Hau was very active on the field. The first opportunity came to the Vietnamese team in the 16th minute. In this situation, Doan Van Hau had an opportunity, speeding up very well before launching a daring cross for Tien Linh in the penalty area. Although the Vietnamese striker has not been able to create a goal, after this situation, the Vietnamese team has more excitement to deploy beautiful attacks.

And what goes around comes around, in the 27th minute, from Xuan Truong’s corner, the Malaysian player broke the ball to Van Hau’s position so that the defender of Thai Binh hometown jumped up and headed the ball to Tien Linh then Tien Linh scored a goal. In this situation, Doan Van Hau continued to make fans mention his name when he made a smart header to pass the ball, creating favorable conditions for Tien Linh’s killer instincts, scored a very important opening goal for Vietnam team.

This once again confirms the certainty, benefits, and efficiency of Doan Van Hau’s play – always fully exploiting the high ball in free-kick situations to score a goal or create chances. 

Doan Van Hau – The return of bravery and full of energy

Although there was a mistake in the 71st minute of the match that led to a penalty, it is still not an exaggeration to rate Doan Van Hau as the best player in the match against Malaysia.

Doan Van Hau has done a lot of things before the match that even the fans “didn’t dare” expect. The original Thai Binh player not only defends well but also plays well on the offensive front with extremely great transmissions. Van Hau had almost completely nullified the opponent’s right-wing attack direction. More importantly, this performance is the foundation for Van Hau to prepare for an important match against the UAE in the next few days.

Ideal body shape, good playing technique and bravery, “toughness” in the competition are what we saw in Doan Van Hau in this match. Previously, in the match against Indonesia on June 7, Van Hau was only allowed to enter the field in the last 10 minutes of the match after a long injury, but the 1m85 player still affirmed his strength and superior energy in every touch of the ball.

Care 100 – Accompanying player Doan Van Hau in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers

Doan Van Hau’s bravery, outstanding energy, and beautiful dribbles against the Malaysian opponent brought a sweet victory for the Vietnamese team.

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Care 100 accompanies national player Doan Van Hau in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

With bravery and positive energy, surely player Doan Van Hau in particular and the players of the Vietnamese national team will continue to shine in the important match against the UAE to win tickets to the qualifying round on Tuesday, June 15.

Join Care 100 to accompany Van Hau in the “fiery” matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

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