Coloscare: Comprehensive nutritional solution to help strengthen immune system for the whole family

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suckhoedoisong.vnWith ingredients that help keep the immune system healthy from the inside, ColosCare provides the very suitable nutritional solution for the whole family.

The immune system can be seen as the “armor” that protects the body. The body has a good immune system which will help us prevent disease and infection or if we get sick, we also recover faster. In particular, a healthy immune system is also important to help you get through the epidemic season. Let’s learn more about nutritional solutions with ColosCare and experts to actively enhance the health of the immune system.

A healthy immune system requires proper nutrition

Most of us know the role of the immune system, but few know how important nutrition is in order to improve the immune system. To strengthen the immune system, the body not only needs to maintain healthy living habits but also needs a proper diet. Proper nutrition will help the immune system work well and strengthen the body’s resistance.

 width=The important role of nutrition helps support digestion and boosts immunity

“The health of the digestive system determines up to 80% of the withstanding ability of the immune system. Because this is the organ that controls the amount of food and how the body uses nutrients. Therefore, we should build a balanced diet with vitamins, minerals and proper nutrients in addition to a healthy lifestyle. ”- Share from Nutricare’s nutritionist.

To enhance resistance with nutrition, you should build a diet that ensures 4 essential nutrient groups: protein, vitamins and phytonutrients, probiotics and prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids from familiar foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, milk … In particular, you should actively add antibodies to the immune system, nutrients that support the digestive system and respiratory system.

ColosCare colostrum helps enhance the immune system naturally

Nutricare’s experts have been researching the ColosCare dairy product line to provide a nutritional solution that helps strengthen the natural immune system. ColosCare stands out with its 1200 mg IgG antibody, one of the highest on the market.

 width=ColosCare supplement the IgG antibody content up to 1,200 mg to help strengthen the immune system

IgG (Immunoglobulin G) is the smallest but most abundant human antibody with 80% of the antibodies found in the body. IgG can bind pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, thus protecting the body against infections and toxins.

IgG is the only antibody that can protect the fetus by crossing the mother’s placenta. Infants have the same antibodies as their mothers and can protect themselves against pathogens. IgG in breast milk will gradually decrease and disappear when the baby is about 6 months of age.

It’s scientifically proven that the mother’s colostrum has a high IgG rate, which is very important to the baby within 72 hours after birth. Compared with human colostrum, bovine colostrum has a higher content of IgG at 86% while human colostrum is only 2%. This difference is because human IgG antibodies are passed from mother to child across the placenta, meanwhile the calf does not receive IgG from the mother’s placenta.

In addition to supplementing a high content of IgG antibodies, ColosCare also has a set of 3 immune-boosting nutrients and many vitamins and minerals to help build a balanced diet such as: HMO 2’FL (intestinal immunity enhancement), Lactoferrin (limits the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and viruses), Beta Glucan 1.3 / 1.6 (improves respiratory health).

ColosCare – a daily product for the whole family

To protect the health of the whole family, ColosCare has 3 product lines to strengthen the immune system for all ages: ColosCare powder milk and ColosCare + convenient formula for children over 3 years old; ColosCare Adult formula for children over 10 years old and adults.


You can protect the health of your whole family with just 2 glasses of ColosCare milk a day

With the nutritional ingredients containing IgG in colostrum, ColosCare is a product suitable for the developmental stages of children, especially the “immune gap” phase. Colostrum content in 2 glasses of ColosCare/day provides 100% of the recommended daily requirement. Other vitamins and minerals in the ingredients table are also carefully calculated to ensure a balanced diet for children.

Besides children, ColosCare also supports strengthening the immune system for adults and the elderly. In particular, products containing prebiotics and probiotics that help enhance taste and appetite. You can add ColosCare to your daily menu such as breakfast drinks, snacks or before bed.

ColosCare is a nutritional product that supports immune and resistance. Especially, with the market-leading high content of IgG antibodies (1200 mg) along with 3 nutrients HMO 2’FL, Lactoferrin, Beta Glucan1. .3 / 1.6, creating a strong immune “shield” to help protect the human body, especially young children from opportunistic diseases, seasonal diseases, or dangerous epidemics …

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