ColosCare 2+ has been clinically proven to help children reduce regular sickness and support weight gaining

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Afamily – The serious stage of Covid-19 pandemic is over, however the surrounding still poses various potential concerns, especially prolonged hot weather causes numerous diseases to break out. Young children are vulnerable due to their immature immune systems, which results in regular sickness, loss of appetite, and lead to slow weight gain and slow development.

ColosCare 2+ formula nutritional product is a specialized product that helps strengthen healthy resistance and improve baby’s weight, researched and developed by Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company. The company that has achieved the National Brand of Medical Nutrition for 6 consecutive years since 2018, affirming its position as a reputable, influential enterprise with quality product in Vietnam.

Strong resistance is the premise for stable growth of children

In the early stages of life, the baby’s immune system is still immature while the daily environment has many potential pathogens. Babies are easily affected by bacteria and viruses, causing minor illnesses, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, infections… Prolonged minor illnesses cause fatigue, poor mobility, loss of appetite and micronutrient deficiencies. In case of untimely intervention, the baby’s development might be affected, causing him/her to be malnourished and grow slower than others in the same group.

Poor resistance causes regular illness, anorexia, and lack of nutrition, that’s so worrisome for the to find a solution

ColosCare 2+ formula nutritional product contains more than 1200 mg of IgG antibodies from 24-hour colostrum imported from the US and easily absorbed protein to help strengthen the immune system and weight gaining for your children

ColosCare has been clinically proven to support strong resistance and weight gain of children after 2 months 

ColosCare 2+ with 24-hour Colostrum imported from the US has been clinically proven to effectively increase baby’s resistance. This is the latest specialized nutritional product from the ColosCare brand. ColosCare 2+ helps limit infections to keep your baby healthy and free of illnesses thanks to the addition of more than 1200mg of IgG antibodies, exceptionally high from 24-hour Colostrum imported directly from the US – ensuring best quality colostrum.  

ColosCare 2+ contains easily absorbable Protein with Calcium and Vitamin D3 that has been clinically proven to help increase weight and height after 2 months. According to clinical evidence, children supplemented with ColosCare 2 times per day have fewer illnesses, reduced anorexia, and increased weight and height after 2 months of use. Also according to the clinical evidence report, malnutrition and the risk of malnutrition in the intervened group were reduced by more than 10.9% compared to the non-intervention group.

In addition, ColosCare 2+ also supports healthy digestion, reduces diarrhea and constipation thanks to the HMO fiber duo and Probiotic bacteria, thereby enhancing nutrient absorption for your baby to gain weight and be healthy.

ColosCare is available in powdered milk and pre-mixed milk powder, with sweet taste which is not satiated, that make your kids really like  

ColosCare 2+ formula nutritional product is for children from 2 to 10 years old in need of resistance improvement and get rid of sickness to gain weight and become healthier. The product contains Convenient ready-to-use powdered milk with 2 types of different quantities 110ml and 180ml, nutritional value is equivalent to powdered milk, delicious taste is of babies’ favorite. The ColosCare duo is the perfect choice to enable non-stop protection for your children no matter where they are, the product is also a companion for the mother to care for the baby’s healthy resistance and outstanding weight gain.

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ColosCare 2+ has a certificate of advertising content confirmation No. 03/XNQC- BQLATTP issued by the Food Safety Management Board – under the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh province on March 16, 2023.

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