Chúng Huyền Thanh and the secret of having leisure time while taking care for babies

5/5 - (1 vote) – Chung Huyen Thanh is preparing to give birth to a second baby, and at the same time, taking care of her first baby – Joyce, but she is always charming when appearing with Jay Quan. What is the secret to helping this 9X mother go through the “strenuous” period of women and still be so beautiful and confident?


Although Jay Quan “denounces” that his wife is very lazy, but Chung Huyen Thanh always makes fans crazy when sharing pictures of daily life on her personal facebook. It’s hard to believe that a mother who is taking care of her baby can always be beautiful and lovely despite the mess of diapers …

One of the secrets that helps Ho Ngoc Ha’s mentee to take care of her baby and still achieve her postpartum body shape is to not let herself be pressured by breast-feeding.

Chung Huyen Thanh’s anxiety for postpartum milk delay.

Chung Huyen Thanh shared that many mothers texted her, asking her experience on how to feed the newborn baby if they do not have milk right after birth. This is also the worry of the The Face first season runner-up in when preparing to welcome Joyce 3 years ago.

The 9X mother has learned very carefully about colostrum, in the first 48 hours – 72 hours of life, these are the most valuable “drops of golden milk” for babies. Colostrum contains high levels of protein along with essential vitamins for growth such as vitamins A, E, B2, B3, and K.

Especially, colostrum contains IgG antibodies, a nutrient that plays a special role in the prevention of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections in children.

Besides IgG, colostrum also has HMO and Lactoferrin to help strengthen antibodies to the immature immune system of children. This nutrient duo also helps reduce infections by limiting the invasion of bacteria and viruses.

Colostrum is so precious, but why do many mothers barely have milk right after birth? Chung Huyen Thanh said that at Joyce’s birth, due to surgery, she was 3 days delayed in milk. In addition, breast milk may be delayed in other cases of premature birth, postpartum haemorrhage, pathology (diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid …)

Understanding the importance of colostrum to babies, after consulting with Jay Quan many different types of milk, Thanh decided to try the nutritional colostrum supplement Metacare Colostrum + to enhance the natural resistance of Joyce. Now, Joyce is 3 years old, Thanh said she always gives her baby 2-3 glass of milk a day to strengthen his immune system.

Chung Huyen Thanh reveal the “secret” of taking care of Joyce to keep him healthy

Why Chung Huyen Thanh chose Metacare Colostrum+?

Huyen Thanh can be “lazy” with housework, but is willing to take the time “Googling” to find out information about Metacare Colostrum +. The mother of 9X revealed that the first reason she felt secure was the Metacare Colostrum + product belonging to the national brand Nutricare. This is a reputable company founded by leading nutrition scientists in Vietnam.


Chung Huyen Thanh believe in choosing Metacare Colostrum + for Joyce daily basis

With the view of a young mother, Huyen Thanh believes that there is almost no difference between imported milk and domestic milk at this time. Therefore, she fully believes in product selection researched by leading Vietnamese nutritionists such as Nutricare.

The second reason why Huyen Thanh chose Metacare Colostrum + is that the product contains valuable ingredients in mother’s colostrum such as 1450+ IgG antibodies, HMO and Lactoferrin similar to mother’s milk to help strengthen resistance to and improvement of the newborn’s immature immune system.

Huyen Thanh also emphasized the third, and the very important reason for Joyce, that Metacare Colostrum + has the fragrance and mild sweetness that are suitable for children. Currently, Joyce is still using this product to enhance immunity and develop comprehensively. Thanh happily shared: “Every time he drinks Metacare Colostrum +, Joyce gulps the whole glass down!”.

Metacare Colostrum + milk uses the main ingredients imported from New Zealand so mothers can be completely assured of the origin.


Thanh happily shared: “Every time he drinks Metacare Colostrum +, Joyce gulps the whole glass down!”.

Metacare Colostrum + is suitable for children over 3 years old. Before making the milk, remember to wash your hands and sanitize the baby bottle or cup. Mix 180ml warm water 45 – 50 ° C with 40g powder for each drink.

At this time, although she is about to give birth to a second baby, Chung Huyen Thanh is always beautiful and confident when appearing. In order to maintain the “charisma” and have time to take care of herself like that, Thanh not only relies on her husband’s help but also knows how to reduce the pressure on breast feeding by choosing Metacare Colostrum +.

Find ways to reduce the pressure on mother’s milk to take care of your baby leisurely and take the free time to enjoy yourself just like Chung Huyen Thanh, mommies

Discover Chung Huyen Thanh’s secret of having leisure time while taking care for babies HERE!

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