Care 100 Active – The very first milk brand that has Doan Van Hau as an ambassador

Rate this post – Launched in early May 2021, Care 100 Active immediately drew the attention of consumers because of its outstanding advantages, along with the attraction from talented young player Doan Van Hau – exclusive ambassador of the Care 100 Active brand.


Doan Van Hau: “Strong energy helps me to be more courage to pursue my passion”

At the age of 20, Van Hau already owns an “extraordinary” record that any player dreams of. At the same time, the young player is also likened to a unique “record holder” of Vietnamese football when he played for 4 Vietnamese teams in the same year, including U.18, U. 20, U.23, and the Vietnamese national team. In particular, Van Hau is also the first Vietnamese player to play in the Dutch national football championship.

On that journey, it was the strong and positive energy that helped Van Hau confidently pursue his passion and strive not to rest on his laurels, bravely overcome all temptations behind the glory and dedicate every single day.

Van Hau shared: “When receiving an invitation to be a brand ambassador from Care 100 Active with the message “Outstanding energy – Reaching heights”, Van Hau saw the harmony of the goal that he and the brand both pursue. For Hau, positive energy is the decisive factor to build what he is today. Therefore, Van Hau wants to accompany Care 100 Active to spread the strong energy spirit to Vietnamese children.”

And that is also the reason why the young player first accepted to be a brand ambassador for a milk brand. Both Van Hau and Care 100 Active want to bring outstanding energy, inspire a strong spirit, bravery for the children, whether they are studying, playing, discovering a new world, or on the journey to conquer their dreams.

 width=Player Doan Van Hau is the exclusive ambassador of Care 100 Active to spread strong energy to Vietnamese children

Care 100 Active: “Outstanding energy – Reaching heights”

Researched to supplement nutrition suitable for Vietnamese children’s eating habits, living habits, and physical condition, right from the time of its launch, Care 100 Active has made a strong impression in the cocoa-malt drink segment existing on the market.

The exclusive “5 Active” benefits were first introduced in Care 100 Active to help children: Develop skeletal muscles, height; Strengthen resistance; Energy metabolism, stimulating appetite; Compensating for energy consumed in movement and learning; Elevate the spirit, reduce stress and fatigue.

At the same time, Care 100 Active also contains up to 29 types of nutrients, helping to maximize energy and nutrient absorption in children, typically: Calcium, Vitamin D3 to help develop skeletal muscles, height; Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Zinc enhance resistance; Zinc, Lysin help metabolize energy and stimulate appetite; Magnesium, Vitamin B6 enhance spirit, reduce stress and fatigue.

Not only possessing an exclusive system of substances and outstanding nutrients but Care 100 Active also has an impressive appearance with the image of the exclusive brand ambassador – the strong and energetic national player Doan Van Hau that attracts children.  The attractive cocoa-malt flavor from Care 100 Active is also a specialty that makes this product especially loved by children from the first day of launching.

Every day, children should use 2-3 boxes of 180ml or 3-4 boxes of 110ml to quickly compensate for the energy consumed in exercise and learning.


Care 100 Active possesses an exclusive “5 Active” benefits and 29 nutrients to bring outstanding energy to children

It is known that Care 100 Active is a product researched and manufactured by Nutricare – Vietnam’s national brand 2 times consecutively since 2018. This is a nutrition and health care company in Vietnam, established by leading nutrition scientists trained in the United States, Europe, and Japan, with many years of experience. Nutricare’s nutritional products are a combination of world nutritional science achievements and medical nutrition, specialized for each age group, specific for each disease, best suited to the biological features of Vietnamese people.

Care 100 Active cocoa-malt nutrition milk for children from 3 years old is the latest product from Care 100 brand of Nutricare. For more information, please visit:



Hotline: 1800.6011 (tollfree)


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