Care 100 Active – Exclusive cocoa-malt milk with “5 Active” nutritional benefits

Rate this post Nutricare – National Medical Nutrition brand has just launched a new nutritional drink for children from 3 years old containing up to 29 nutrients and exclusive “5 Active” benefits providing outstanding energy to help children reach their full potential.

Care 100 Active: Exclusive “5 Active” nutritional benefits and 29 nutrients formula

As a Vietnam National Brand consecutively since 2018, Nutricare is well-known for pioneering products combining specialized medical nutrition & nutrition solutions for specific groups of age and specialized for each disease. Care 100 Active cocoa-malt nutrition milk is the latest product from the brand Care 100 of Nutricare.

Despite its recent appearance on the market, the Care 100 Active product immediately demonstrated its superiority in the cocoa-malt beverage segment because it inherits the research results of leading nutrition scientists from Nutricare.


Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk is the latest product from Care 100 – Nutricare

Care 100 Active also draws the attention of parents and the favor of children with the formula that perfectly combines the featured bold flavor of cocoa and nutrients from milk, barley extract, vitamins, and minerals.

To achieve this, Care 100 Active pioneered the introduction of exclusive “5 Active” nutrition benefits to help children: Develop skeletal muscles and height; strengthen resistance; energy metabolism, stimulate appetite; compensate the energy consumed in movement and learning; improve morale, reduce stress and fatigue.

Care 100 Active is also the only cocoa-malt milk product on the market that possesses a nutritional formula with 29 nutrients, maximizing energy and nutrient absorption in children.


Care 100 Active owns an exclusive formula “5 – Active” with 29 nutrients, providing outstanding energy for children.

Nutrients to be mentioned such as Calcium, Vitamin D3 to help develop skeletal muscle and height; Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Zinc that enhance resistance; Zinc and Lysine help in energy metabolism and stimulate appetite; Magnesium, Vitamin B6 that improve morale, reduce stress and fatigue. One serving of energy corresponds to 180ml of Care 100 Active milk will meet 45 minutes of learning in school, 2 servings meet 90 minutes energy requirement spent in movement and learning.

Not only possessing outstanding nutrients in the children nutritious cocoa drink market but Care 100 Active also has an impressive appearance, mild sweetness, a pleasant natural aroma suitable for everyday use for children 3 years and older with servings of 2-3 of 180ml boxes or 3 – 4 boxes of 110ml.

Care 100 Active accompanies Van Hau to bring outstanding energy to help children to reach their full potential

Revealing the reason for choosing national player Doan Van Hau as the exclusive brand ambassador for Care 100 Active, the representative of Care 100 said: “His height is over 1m85 and especially his physique is considered to be one of the best in Southeast Asia, along with the resounding achievements of Van Hau on the field, are the most vivid illustration of what Care 100 Active wants to aim for.

As the exclusive brand ambassador, Van Hau will accompany the brand’s activities and events across the country, helping Care 100 Active fulfill its mission of becoming a great companion for children, providing the outstanding energy source for children to have a good physical foundation, reach their full potential at any time, anywhere whether they are studying, playing, exploring a new world or on the journey of conquering their dreams.


National player Doan Van Hau will accompany Care 100 Active in the journey of conquering the dreams of Vietnamese children

Care 100 Active is the newly launched cocoa-malt nutritional milk product line for children from 3 years old, under Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company – Vietnam National Brand consecutively since 2018.

Care 100 Active owns exclusive “5 Active” nutrition benefits with an outstanding formula of 29 nutrients, which is researched by leading nutrition scientists, to add the nutrients which are most suitable to eating habits, living and the physical condition of Vietnamese children, providing outstanding energy for children to have a good physical foundation, reaching their full potentials, and conquering their dreams


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