CanxiStar – Correct and sufficient calcium supplement solution for the whole family

Rate this post – The body always needs a certain amount of calcium throughout all stages of life. Calcium requirements vary from birth, through adolescence, pregnancy and old age. Calcium supplementation not only has to be correct but also “sufficient” for the body’s needs. CanxiStar is a smart calcium supplement solution for the whole family.

Calcium Supplement – Right andsufficient amount

Calcium is an essential nutrient for the body throughout life. This small element accounts for 1 – 2% of body weight, concentrated mainly in bones, teeth and nails. Not only does it play an important role in height development in children, Calcium also determines the health of teeth, bones, blood clotting, nerve impulse transmission as well as heart rate regulation.

However, calcium needs in each age group are not the same. According to the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods, infants need 300-400mg of Calcium per day, children from 1-3 years old need 600mg, children from 4-9 years old need 700mg, children from 10-12 years old need 1000mg, teenagers from 13-19 years old need 1200mg.

Meanwhile, adults need about 800-900mg of Calcium per day; Pregnant women need about 800-1200mg of Calcium depending on the period; Elderly people need about 1000-1200mg of Calcium.

Calcium supplementation also depends on age-specific needs. If used “indiscriminately”, it can cause many serious health consequences. In case of insufficient supplement, the body may take calcium from the bones to perform other “tasks” and weaken the bones. On the contrary, high and long-term calcium supplementation can lead to side effects such as kidney stones, hypercalcemia, kidney failure, and  even increase the risk of death.

Calcium supplementation needs to be correct and sufficient according to the body’s needs at each age

Smart calcium supplement solution with CanxiStar

Understanding the importance of properly supplementing Calcium, Nutrition experts at Nutricare have researched and developed CalciumStar health protection food – containing 100% Calcium and minerals from milk, with a set Calcium content specifically designed for each age, meeting Calcium needs for the whole family.

“The trio of ingredients provides and maximizes Calcium absorption

The advantage of CanxiStar is that it contains a “Trio” of ingredients that help provide a pure and easily absorbed source of Calcium, which is the mineral mixture Trucal D7, Vitamin K2-MK7 and Vitamin D3.

Among them, the highlight is Trucal D7 mineral mixture extracted and purified from fresh cow’s milk protein, through a highly sensitive filtration chain. A special feature is that Trucal D7 has the same mineral composition and ratio as bone, so it is more effective than supplementing Calcium alone. Besides, Vitamin K2-MK7 helps bring Calcium into bones, while Vitamin D3 supports the complete absorption of Calcium.

Thanks to this smart ingredient combination, CanxiStar provides an optimal source of Calcium and prevents calcium excess and blood calcium deposition.

CalciumStar with Trucal D7, Vitamin K2-MK7 and Vitamin D3 helps maximize Calcium absorption  

The optimal choice to supplement Calcium for the whole family

CanxiStar is a product recommended by experts not only because of its optimal ingredient formula, but also the benefits it brings to the whole family.

For children over 6 years old and teenagers: This is the stage where Calcium is needed to develop physique and height. CalciumStar helps bones grow strong, creating a solid foundation for comprehensive height development.

For pregnant and breastfeeding women: After pregnancy and childbirth, women will face the risk of serious calcium deficiency. CanxiStar supports optimal calcium supplementation, meeting the high calcium needs of both mother and baby.

For older people: CanxiStar helps maintain bone and teeth health, preserve bone density, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, bone fractures, and tooth loss.

CanxiStar – the optimal choice to supplement Calcium for the whole family

With CanxiStar, there will be no worry of “correct and sufficient” calcium supplementation for your whole family. CanxiStar is a trusted companion of every Vietnamese family, to protect bone and joint health every day and contribute to improving quality of life..

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