Among countless types of growth supporting milk, why do Vietnamese mothers still choose Smarta Grow?

Rate this post Drinking milk to support height growth is considered the top concern of parents because nutritional factors affect 32% of children’s height growth. The Smarta Grow milk line is currently the “bright star” of the mother and baby community, let’s review to decipher why Smarta Grow is so popular.

1st reason: Smarta Grow is produced by Nutricare – National Brand of Medical Nutrition

Smarta Grow is guaranteed by the name of Nutricare – a reputable company that researches and produces nutritional products and medical nutrition in Vietnam.

Nutricare was founded by prestigious scientists and experts, with many years of research experience at the National Institute of Nutrition and trained in the US, Europe, and Japan. From 2018, Nutricare was honored as the National Brand of Medical Nutrition with specialized products suitable for each age and health condition of Vietnamese children.


Smarta Grow is produced by a leading enterprise in Medical Nutrition

Besides the reputable origin, Smarta Grow’s raw materials are carefully screened and tested, only imported from the most trusted suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, mothers can be completely assured for their children to use to support height development, especially in the 2 “golden” stages of height development:

The first 1,000 days of life: Emphasized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the golden period of height and physical development. Children can increase 25cm in the first year and 10cm per year for the next 2 years, if given the right and sufficient nutrition. After 2 years of age, the growth rate is not so fast about 6.2 cm per year.

Puberty period of children: The growth rate is rapid in both height, weight and the child will reach the peak of the growth rate when the child can increase about 10-15 cm/year and the rate will decrease gradually after that period.

2nd reason: Smarta Grow contains a set of 3 “golden” nutrients for outstanding height growth

Compared with nutritional drinks that help develop the bone system and increase height on the market, Smarta Grow has a superior formula with a “golden” trio of nutrients including Nano Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2. The combination of these 3 nutrients is the second reason for Smarta Grow to conquer smart modern Vietnamese mothers.


Set of 3 nutrients calcium nano vitamin D3 – vitamin K2 combined in Smarta Grow to support maximum height development for children

Mothers have been always thinking that to increase height, they just simply need to add more calcium for their children. This is a “right” but “not enough” yet. According to Nutricare’s nutritionist, calcium is an important nutrient needed to support bone development. However, in order to support children’s height growth, only calcium supplementation is “not enough”, it is necessary to combine two vitamins as the “conductors”, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. This is the mistake that most Vietnamese mothers make.

Vitamin D3 works to maintain normal calcium plasma concentrations by enhancing intestinal absorption, helping to prevent rickets. Meanwhile, vitamin K2 plays a role in activating the osteocalcin hormone that directs Nano calcium to reach organs and bones, avoiding excess deposition.

In addition, there are also scientific studies that have shown that Nano calcium is microscopic in size, soluble and easier to penetrate through the membrane in the intestinal wall than ordinary calcium. These outstanding benefits make Nano Calcium more and more widely applied in the world, and also the reason why Nutricare chooses to add Nano calcium to Smarta milk ingredient formula, helping children’s body absorb maximum while still Guaranteed safe and effective.

The set of 3 nutrients: Nano calcium – vitamin D3 – vitamin K2 in Smart Grow with appropriate levels as recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition, to help build strong bones and support optimal height development for babies is the “golden” formula has conquered many hot moms and Vietnamese mothers in the past time.


Runner-up of The Face 2016 – Hot mom Chung Huyen Thanh raised her children with Smarta Grow 

Telling the story of choosing Smarta Grow on her personal page, Model – Hot mom Chung Huyen Thanh shared: “In the past, thanks to my friend, she brought me a box of Smarta Grow milk when visiting Joyce, Thanh let Joyce try it and found that the milk was suitable for him, so Thanh kept feeding the baby with Smarta Grow from then on. Every day, Thanh let Joice drink 2 cups in the morning and before going to bed, after 1 year Joice’s height reached 102cm and weighed 17kg.” (when Joyce was 2 years old, he was 95cm tall and 15kg weight)

3rd reason: Not only increase height but Smarta Grow also supports brain development

Nutricare’s R&D department is not only led by nutritionists trained abroad, but also cooperates with pioneering institutes and research institutions in Vietnam to continuously improve quality and launch products that are most suitable for Vietnamese people.

The composition table of Smarta Grow in addition to 3 golden nutrients Calcium – vitamin K2 – Vitamin D3 also adds Folic Acid ingredients, increases DHA needed for children to perfectly develop the nervous system, increase memory capacity, reduce risk of delayed development of language, maintenance, and protection of vision…


New improved Smarta Grow adds DHA while maintaining the same price, helping children to increase height, supporting brain development and learning quickly.

Ms. Pham Ngan, after careful research and being devotedly advised from Nutricare, let her baby try it and shared that he really liked Smarta Grow: “I found out about Smarta Grow thanks to the milk consultant’s introduction at the store, I bought it for my son to drink and he really liked this milk. I am very happy that I can choose milk that both supports height, enhances intelligence, and is suitable for my child.

4th reason: Smarta Grow is convenient for busy moms with powdered and ready-to-drink milk

Smarta Grow offers powdered milk and ready-to-drink milk in 110ml and 180ml boxes, which is very convenient for mothers and babies to carry when going to school or going out.


Smarta Grow has a powdered milk can and a ready-to-drink milk box for moms

Sharing about the love of mother and baby with Smarta Grow, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc (HCMC) said: “I read the information on the Nutricare website myself and felt quite reassured, so I bought Smarta Grow in liquid form for my children for trial use. Up to now, my son has drunk all 3 packs (pack of 24) and got taller, absorbing knowledge better in class. The small 110ml box is also convenient to bring to school. That’s why I trust using Smarta Grow for my children.”

The optimal formula for height development, improving the components of brain development for children, but the price remains intact, so Smarta Grow has received a lot of support and won the trust of the Vietnamese wise mother community in the journey of height growth of children.


Smarta product line has been researched and manufactured by experts of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company, which has won the National Brand consecutively since 2018 with the mission of helping to care for and support pregnant mothers and young children during the period of physical and intellectual development.

All Nutricare products are manufactured on a line applying the quality management system according to international standards ISO 22000:2018, GMP, HACCP with high reliability and safety.

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