5 common mistakes that “accidentally” inhibit children’s intelligence and height growth

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eva.vn – There are common misconceptions that many Vietnamese mothers encounter in the process of raising children. Recognizing and removing these stereotypes will help mothers raise their children properly and love them more wisely.


Mothers usually think: “A child’s height and IQ are determined by genes”

The truth is: 

Parents often believe that a child’s intelligence or height depends on heredity. However, many studies have shown that genetic factors only determine 20% to 40% of a child’s IQ, the rest are extrinsic factors that parents can control such as: giving children breastfeeding in the first years of life, proper nutrition in childhood, the educational environment that the child receives.

Similarly, genetic factors only affect about 23% of children’s height, 32% are affected by nutrition, the rest is from living habits and living environment.

Therefore, parents should not subjectively think that genes can decide the height and IQ growth of their children because a poor diet when children are in a growing period can reduce intelligence and cause children to be stunted and underweight. Instead, prepare a suitable diet, supplementing with DHA, Choline, Taurine, and Lutein in the right proportions, ensuring your child has a solid foundation for brain development and height growth at their best potential.


Mothers usually think: “Investing heavily in nutrition during puberty to increase children’s height”

The truth is: 

Waiting for your child to enter puberty (about 12-18 years old) to start focusing on nutrition is too late. It is true that height will increase rapidly during puberty, but in order for children to develop to their maximum height, before that, parents need to supplement with a reasonable diet to create good growth momentum for their children from birth.

Studies show that there are two “golden” periods in which a child’s height will thrive: the first 1000 days of life and puberty.

  • The first 1000 days of life (When the mother was pregnant and a baby is born to 2 years old): emphasized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the golden period of height and physical development. Children can increase 25cm in the first year and 10cm per year for the next 2 years, if given the right and sufficient nutrition. This is the stage that determines 60% of the child’s future height growth. Building a nutritious diet will support the strong development of bones, which is a prerequisite for height growth at puberty.
  • At the age of puberty, children have a rapid growth in height with an increase of about 10-15 cm/year and then the rate will decrease gradually after that.

Because puberty is not the only “leap” growth phase in children, parents need to focus on investing in nutrients such as D3, K2, and minerals to support height development for their children from an earlier stage to create outstanding momentum of absorption and acceleration later on.


Mothers usually think: “Children will be tall as long as they eat foods that are rich in calcium”

The truth is: 

This is a common misconception among Vietnamese mothers when they think that if they add foods containing a lot of calcium, their children will be tall.

It’s scientifically proven that calcium is a nutrient that accounts for 99% of bone structure, but mothers do not know that in order for the body to optimally absorb calcium, other vitamins need to be added at the same time as vitamin D3 to help absorb calcium easily from the stomach into the blood; Vitamin K2 is an important nutrient for transporting calcium from the blood to the bones.

Nevertheless, excessing or improper calcium supplementation also has adverse effects on children’s health. The “right” and safe and convenient way to supplement calcium, which is being applied by many Vietnamese mothers, is to use milk with ingredients containing a trio of nutrients including calcium, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3, which meets the National Institute of Nutrition’s recommendations. In addition, mothers should choose Nano calcium with an extremely small size that will be easier to absorb than normal calcium.

Besides milk, a balanced diet with adequate carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vegetables and fruits is also very important. Height development is a long process, parents should be thoroughly equipped with scientific information to give their children the best nutrition.


Mothers usually think: “Milk is only needed when children are anorexia or rickets”

The truth is: 

Milk is an essential nutrient source, easily absorbed with ingredients containing minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins that need to be added to the daily diet for children to have adequate nutrients. Therefore, every child should drink milk, but depending on age, weight, physical problems that need improvement or development needs, mothers should choose the right type of milk for their child’s unique condition.

For example, for children with anorexia and rickets, mothers should choose high-energy dairy products that are fully supplemented with essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, DHA, fiber, protein, and fat. It will help children strengthen their resistance, absorb nutrients in the best way, thereby preventing and improving rickets and malnutrition effectively.

Likewise, for children who need to grow taller or increase IQ. A note to mothers when making milk, it is necessary to ensure hygiene, comply with the milk mixing ratio indicated on the lid of the box.


Mothers usually think: “Milk is the cause of constipation in children”

The truth is: 

Misidentifying the cause of your child’s health problems is another relatively common mistake. Constipation is a common condition in children due to an unhealthy digestive system, lack of water, or a lack of fiber in the diet… When they see that their baby is constipated, many mothers worry that it is due to the type of formula milk their baby is drinking, meanwhile, unsuitable milk could be just one of many reasons.

At this time, the first thing a mother needs to do is to consider the overall nutrition of the child (deficient in water and vegetables…), whether the child is being treated for any disease, taking medications that have side effects that cause constipation or incorrect mixing of milk, because the wrong dosage (too thick) or the inappropriate use of milk can also be the cause of constipation. Once the right cause has been identified, mothers just need to be more flexible and wise when considering, choosing and using milk for their children.

In order to improve the condition of constipation and the digestive system of children, experts advise parents to focus on special products supplemented with probiotics (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium) and a fiber system to help increase beneficial bacteria, nourish the digestive system, reduce bloating, constipation and B vitamins, magnesium, zinc will stimulate children’s appetite.

Raising a child wisely is when a mother always thoroughly understands nutrition knowledge in a scientific way to know what her child needs. Actively understanding the right nutritional foundation will help mothers succeed on the journey to give the best care for their children.

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