4 misunderstandings that make children easy to get sick in summer

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Soha.vnFor children, summer is a “paradise” because there are no schooldays and they can enjoy playing. However, it’s also a huge worry for parents that the baby can easily get sick due to the hot weather…

How to let children have fun without affecting their health is sometimes a “difficult problem” for mothers every summertime. It is very easy for children to get sick after just going out, eating a strange dish, or simply doing unhealthy activities due to a weak immune system.

Here are some myths that mothers should avoid to protect their babies from harmful effects.


Mothers often think: “If children wear cool clothes, they will help to cool down the heat.”

But the fact is:

In hot weather, many mothers let their children wear sleeveless, shorts or open-neck clothes for “coolness”, forgetting that this type of clothing does not protect the baby when going out. Bright sunlight can cause sunburn, skin burning or heat stroke symptoms such as sweating, headache, dizziness, nausea … Children can also have allergies due to pollen exposure or being bitten by insects.

Suggestions for mothers: Mothers should choose clothes with cool, sweat-absorbing materials such as cotton and limit colorful fabrics to avoid fabric dyes that irritate the baby’s skin. When going out, mothers need to equip children with full sun protection such as a wide-brimmed hat, a loose jacket, sunglasses, and an umbrella. In order for the baby not to forget sun protection stuff, mothers can prepare them in a bag or hang it near the door.

Children can use sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15 every time they go outside. For the best protection, you should apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outdoors. Don’t forget to apply the cream to your ears, nose and feet.


Mothers often think: “It’s safer playing video games than going out in hot weather.”

But the fact is:

Hot weather and epidemic seasons make children often stay at home, so many mothers let their children watch iPad, phones, TV, etc. This makes children become lazy to exercise and adversely affects their health. Many studies show that electronic devices can be addictive and increase the risk of myopia, obesity, autism…

Suggestions for mothers: Instead of letting children play with electronic devices by themselves, mothers should arrange a time to organize healthy recreational activities such as reading, listening to music, painting, making crafts, planting trees…

In hot weather, children love to go swimming or play in the water. Parents should pay close attention to the children when they practice swimming in the pool and make sure there is a lifeguard right next to them. If children play in the sea, the mother should only let them play near the shore and remember to prepare floats for them.


Mothers often think: “It’s better to let children eat whatever they want.”

But the fact is:

Baby’s favorite foods are often not so healthy foods, especially greasy foods or foods sold on the street that is easily spoiled by hot weather. Greasy foods can be the reason that causes bloating, indigestion, or digestive problems in children. With a weak immune system, children are susceptible to food poisoning when eating unsafe food.

Therefore, mothers should also avoid giving children food that is sold on the street to reduce the risk of infection, causing diarrhea, digestive disorders, etc. Children’s menu of foods that help strengthen immunity such as yogurt, nuts, vegetables … citrus fruits that provide a lot of vitamin C can be a healthy snack to improve children’s resistance.


Mothers often think: “Drinking milk helps enhance immunity and resistance, helping children not to get sick.”

But the fact is:

This is “not wrong” thinking but not “totally correct”. Regular milk contains many nutrients such as protein, sugar, fat, and a number of vitamins (A, C, E….) to help the baby replenish energy and restore health. However, that is still not enough because the baby needs more than what mothers think.

To help your baby avoid common infections, mothers need to choose products containing nutrients such as IgG antibodies in colostrum, HMO 2’FL, and Beta Glucan to help strengthen their resistance.

There are a number of products on the dairy market that help strengthen the immune system thanks to high levels of IgG antibodies. To strengthen the children’s immune system, mothers can also add to the menu of ColosCare colostrum with the highest IgG1200+ content in the market. Together with the duo HMO 2’LF and Lactoferrin, the product helps to support infection prevention and strengthen comprehensive resistance.

In addition to powdered milk products, ColosCare has convenient ready-to-drink milk so that your baby can take it with them on summer outings. Instead of drinking soft drinks, prepare a box of milk and healthy snacks for your baby. In particular, the product also supports digestion, so mothers can be completely assured when replacing snacks sold on the street.

If mothers know how to prevent illness in the hot season, children will always be healthy and can enjoy a summer full of fun. With only 2-3 cups of ColosCare milk per day, your children are also provided with enough nutrients to boost immunity from within. This is also a simple secret to “rescuing” busy mothers during the long summer because of this epidemic!

ColosCare is a nutritional product to support immunity and resistance, especially supplementing with the market-leading high IgG antibody content (1200 mg) along with a trio of nutrients HMO 2’FL, Lactoferrin, Beta 1,3 1,6 Glucan, creating a solid immune “shield” to help protect the human body, especially young children against opportunistic diseases, seasonal diseases, or dangerous diseases…Currently, ColosCare has three corresponding product lines to help boost immunity for the whole family, including ColosCare milk powder and ColosCare+ convenient ready-to-drink milk for children; ColosCare Adult milk powder for children over 10 years old and adults.

For more information, please visit:

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