3 common mistakes of thyroid patients who are on a low iodine diet

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Suckhoedoisong – When implementing a low iodine diet, patients with hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer usually make some mistakes that can lead to unexpected results and cause the treatment not to be effective.

Thyroid health can be affected by many factors such as stress, environmental toxins, weight, nutrition, etc. In which, diet plays the most important role that can make a difference during the treatment of thyroid disease.

For patients with hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer, a low iodine diet is even more important in the preparation stage for radioactive iodine treatment. However, some of the following common mistakes can make the treatment process more difficult.

Confusing high/low Iodine foods

This is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to the iodine diet because people don’t remember all the foods to avoid. The confusion between foods rich in iodine and low in iodine can result in patients eating foods that make treatment more difficult.

So how should patients with hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer choose foods when on an iodine diet?

The general rule when choosing food is that it does not contain iodized salt; avoid seafood; do not use canned food; limit eating noodles, vermicelli, industrial chicken… If you find it difficult to remember foods rich in iodine, you can write down a list and paste it right in the fridge.


Patients need to choose foods carefully when on an iodine diet

According to the above principle, the Iodine diet should avoid some foods rich in iodine such as salt, seafood, egg yolks, canned foods, confectionery, dried fruits, etc. – Patients should eat healthy foods such as cereals, fresh fruits, egg whites, nuts, vegetable oils…

Being too picky on diet leads to nutritional deficiencies

Although a low Iodine diet is prescribed by doctors, many patients with extreme dieting lead to nutritional deficiencies. This classic mistake often comes from an obsession with dietary principles that keep the patient from eating or having bad taste.

As recommended by the American Thyroid Association, patients should abstain from iodine 2 weeks before radioactive iodine treatment. In particular, the dietary iodine content is at a low level of no more than 50mcg/day. If the correct amount of iodine is followed, the patient can rest assured.

Along with the iodine content, the patient should also maintain the habit of eating enough meals and ensure the nutrients for overall health. The Iodine diet helps you build a healthy diet with vegetables, fresh foods, low fat, and calories.

The best way to control the iodine diet while still ensuring nutrition is to cook it yourself at home. Patients should limit going to restaurants or buying food from outside because most of the prepared foods do not guarantee the appropriate amount of iodized salt to abstain.

Choosing foods that are not safe for health

When eating food that is not safe for health, the patient may have to deal with digestive disorders. This mistake makes the process of a low iodine diet even more difficult because the patient does not absorb enough beneficial nutrients.

To ensure health during the diet, patients should prioritize choosing organic foods when preparing meals. Organic foods are foods that are raised or grown without the use of artificial chemicals (pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives, etc.), growth hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms.

In addition, patients also need to pay attention to ensuring food safety when processing and preserving food for people on a low iodine diet. If you choose to add additional foods to your diet, you can consider products that support digestion to help the patient eat better.

Understanding the difficulties of patients with hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer when dieting, Leanpro Thyro Lid offers a nutritional solution that is both good for digestion and can keep the patients worry-free about measuring iodine content. With up to 88% reduced iodine content compared to conventional dairy products, Leanpro Thyro Lid meets the nutritional needs recommended by the American Thyroid Association.


Leanpro Thyro Lid meets nutritional needs as recommended by the American Thyroid Association

A standard glass of Leanpro Thyro Lid has only 12mcg of Iodine, so patients can feel secure when adding it to the menu. At the same time, the product also helps reduce inflammation, reduce fatigue and help prevent osteoporosis. With 23 types of vitamins and minerals, the product helps to promote health by making up for nutritional deficiencies caused by strict dieting.


A standard glass of Leanpro Thyro Lid milk contains 12 mcg of Iodine, patients can feel secure when adding it to the menu.

How to properly implement a low iodine diet is always a concern of those who are trying to reverse hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer. To avoid mistakes, thyroid patients not only need to follow their doctor’s orders but also learn to listen to their body. With only 2-3 cups of Leanpro Thyro Lid milk per day, patients can make their diet easier and healthier.

Leanpro Thyro Lid Milk is a specialized nutritional supplement for a low iodine diet as recommended by the American Thyroid Association. With low iodine content, the product helps thyroid patients reduce fatigue and improve health.

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