Chicken Carrot Shiitake & Olive
Tropical Fruit Rice & Olive
Yến Mạch Chuối & Olive
Banana Oats & Olive
Pumpkin & Olive
Sweet Corn Pea Cow & Olive
Spinach Cheese Salmon & Olive
Nutritious Milk Rice & Olive Special
Pumpkin Crab & Olive
beetroot cheese shrimp & olive
Mixture of 4 sweets
Mixture of 4 sweets



Breast milk is the best food for the health and comprehensive development of babies.

Metacare weaning powder is completely selected from breakthrough natural ingredients with Freeze-Drying Formula - Japan Freeze Drying to keep all nutrients and natural delicious taste, supplement DHA, Probiotics, Olive Oil Essence It helps babies eat better & absorb well.

Metacare Nutritional Milk & Milk Rice Powder & Olive
Metacare Rice Milk Powder with Tropical Fruit & Olive Milk
Metacare Beef Sweet Corn & Olive Milk Powder
Metacare Chicken, Carrot, Shiitake & Olive Powder
Metacare Salmon, Cheese, Spinach & Olive Meal
Metacare Weaning Powder with Pumpkin & Olives Pork & Olive
Metacare Weaning Powder Mixed 4 Salty Flavors
Metacare Weaning Powder Mixed 4 sweet flavors
Metacare Nutritional Milk Rice Powder & Olive Special
Metacare weaning powder brown rice mixed with milk & Olive
Metacare Oatmeal Banana & Olive Snack
Metacare Shrimp & Cheese Beet & Olive Powder
Pumpkin & Olive Metacare Crab Meal Powder
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200g: 24 boxes/carton

1. Wash your hands before preparing meals for your child.
2. Bring the water to a boil and let it cool to a temperature of about 50ºC.
3. Pour water into a bowl, slowly sprinkle each tablespoon of weaning powder.
4. Stir well until the dough is fine.