High in energy, superior in protein, 1 cup of standard brew provides up to 12.5g of Protein, especially supplemented with important amino acids Arginine, BCAA, good for surgery, helping to restore health and regenerate muscle mass.

Calcium & Vitamin D help strengthen bones, the ratio of Calcium / Phosphorus meets the standards recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition, a variety of Iron, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin A to help heal wounds quickly.

Breakthrough with 1 billion probiotic bacteria/100g powder and 100% FOS soluble fiber to help nourish beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract, support healthy digestion, good absorption and better appetite.

Especially, it does not contain Lactose to help reduce discomfort and diarrhea in people who are lactose intolerant when they do not drink regular dairy products.

The exclusive IMMU PRO™ system with Lactium precious protein naturally extracted from milk, combined with Magnesium - B6 is scientifically proven to help reduce stress, fatigue, and insomnia.

With dual nutrients Omega 3 - Synbiotic to help reduce inflammation, help strengthen the immune system.

Supplementing with plant-based Olive oil helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, along with the gold ratio of Omega 3 / Omega 6 reaching the standard 1/4 which is clinically proven to be good for the heart.
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Leanpro 10+ adds a high protein source of energy combined with the IMMU Pro system to help restore health, reduce complications, heal wounds quickly and reduce stress and fatigue.
- Wash hands with soap before mixing.
- Based on the Table of mixing instructions and choose the dosage according to the desired volume and energy density. Measure enough cooled boiled water (45 - 50 degrees Celsius) into the glass.
- Use the spoon provided in the box to measure the amount of LeanPro 10+ powder to be mixed.
- Add the foam to the water and stir until the powder is completely dissolved and used.
- After mixing, use up within 3 hours.
- Use 2 cups/day with a dietary supplement, use 7 cups/day with a complete diet or as directed by a doctor/nutritionist.
- Use for patients under the supervision of medical staff.
- Can be used to feed through steam. When used through a special steam, must follow the instructions of a doctor / nutritionist.