The secret to help children get rid of bore in summer vacation during pandemic

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Eva.vnFinding a playground for children during summer vacation in the context of a complicated epidemic is a problem that causes many parents headaches. How to create a healthy and safe playground for children during the pandemic when all outside activities are restricted and they can only play at home?

A schedule to work together, play together 

The first thing parents need to take care of so that their child’s summer vacation does not go to waste is to establish a schedule of entertainment and study with them during the vacation. Establishing a timetable helps your child use his time every day scientifically and actively in all activities. This is also a way for parents to practice self-discipline for their children from an early age, creating a useful life skill to help their children study and work most effectively.


Set up a schedule to help your child use their daily time every day effectively

Therefore, parents should discuss with their children, build a balanced and appropriate activity schedule during the holiday, harmoniously combine playing and studying so that their children find daily activities at home more attractive, and get rid of boredom.

Encourage children to read more

Reading is a useful activity that not only keeps your children away from the TV and phone screens spontaneously but also enhances their thinking, imagination, and vocabulary. However, how do you get your child interested in reading and make reading a habit during the holidays and beyond?

Parents need to set aside a fixed time to share with their children what they have read during the day. This helps children to know that parents really appreciate their reading, moreover, the content that children approach is all useful.

Suggest reading spaces that suit children’s interests but still ensure safety during the epidemic season such as personal study corners, cool balconies; Ideal reading time that enhances concentration like early morning or quiet afternoon… also helps children to be most comfortable when reading.


Reading helps to strengthen your child’s thinking, imagination, and vocabulary

Review what they’ve learned

Summer vacation is a valuable time for your child to review their knowledge and prepare for the new school year. During the epidemic season, parents should review knowledge with their children and preview new lessons according to the established timetable. This is extremely important so that children do not forget former knowledge and have easy access to new knowledge in the upcoming school year, especially for students preparing to enter the beginning or end of high school.

However, do not create pressure or force your child to study too much, making studying ineffective, summer becomes a “haunting” holiday for children.

In-door activities

Due to the epidemic, parents usually avoid letting their children outside. Because of that, all children’s entertaining activities can only take place at home, which leads to the child being confined indoors, feeling cramped, and easily getting bored; children are very likely to have to be friends with TV, phone screens.

When children are at home for a long time, parents can assign tasks to their children to do housework, take care of the trees, exercise in the morning, follow the exercises on Youtube, or guide them to make simple toys, etc. These activities help children to stay healthy, help their parents to reduce boredom at home, and use the phone in an active and useful way.

Maintain stable energy for a healthy child

Don’t think that during summer vacation, your child does not study as much as in class, so they don’t need to supplement energy through snacks. Besides the main meals, mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks are a way to help children replenish energy in time, ready for the next activities.

Parents should choose suitable nutritional products, providing outstanding energy for their children to have a good physical foundation, ready for all activities such as Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk. The exclusive “5 Active” system in this product helps children develop skeletal muscles and height; Strengthen resistance; Provide energy, stimulate appetite; Compensate for energy consumed in movement and learning; Elevate spirit, reduce stress and fatigue.

At the same time, Care 100 Active also owns a nutritional formula with 29 types of nutrients that help maximize energy and nutrient absorption for children. In particular, the delicious chocolate malt flavor will surely attract children and help them to replenish their energy every day.

 width=Care 100 Active helps children replenish energy in time, ready for summer vacation activities

Parents do not forget to immediately put a few boxes of Care 100 Active in the refrigerator. The deliciously chilled cocoa barley flavor will surely attract children and help them to replenish their energy every day in the hot summer.

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