The secret that keeps your child energized to confidently explore the world

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Afamily.vnDo you know that your children learn from exploring the world around them? They are “fascinated” by every object, how things happen, how things work. That’s why kids are “busy” all day long.

To help your child always be full of energy and confidence, let’s explore the secrets through this article!


Join them with outdoor activities

There is no better place for your child to take a break from the TV, computer, and phone screens and explore the world with outdoor activities. This is the most fun way for your child to learn new things, promote creativity, enhance motor skills, develop physical fitness holistically, connect and love nature, gain more social skills, therefore the child can build a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude.

Attend useful skills courses

Practicing life skills is important, affecting the whole process of growing up later. No matter how talented or smart your children are, without life skills, it will be difficult for them to approach and integrate with the surrounding environment, leading to timidity and lack of confidence. On the contrary, when equipped with life skills, children will master themselves, know how to behave properly, find ways to adapt and respond positively to situations.


Parents need to observe what skills their children are lacking, encourage or join them in courses to increase their motivation and confidence.

Let your children pursue their passions

Education experts advise parents to discover and nurture passion in their child first, then dream of success later. Because the root of success and happiness in the future is passion so that you really know what you want and are happy with what you do.

So if you see that your child is passionate about a certain sport, or happy withdrawing, attentively designing models, eager in learning about nature…just encourage them to pursue their passions.

Spend time to listen to your child’s feelings

Psychologists liken a child’s inner world to a book that parents must read with both mind and heart to fully understand.

Knowing that modern life is a hustle and bustle, parents have less time for their children, so make sure to treasure those moments. Parents need to listen to understand their children’s moods, feelings, thoughts, and needs so that their children can feel be shared, sympathized, understood, and spiritually supported. Listening also has the potential to help children confidently find solutions to their problems without parents’ intervention.

Care about your child’s health and fitness

Children who want to explore the world, immerse themselves in outdoor activities, boldly acquire life skills, confidently pursue their passions, must first be healthy. To help children have a good foundation for health, nutrition plays a very important role. And if parents are looking for an effective assistant for their child’s health and physique, Care 100 Active is the choice that makes the child fall in love and the parents are satisfied.


Care 100 Active is an effective assistant for parents to improve their child’s health and physique

Care 100 Active is a nutritional drink for children from 3 years old containing up to 29 nutrients and the exclusive “5 Active” system that provides outstanding energy for children to be active, tall, and confident to explore the world.

The exclusive “5 Active” system in Care 100 Active helps children: Build musculoskeletal system and height; Strengthen resistance; Provide energy m and stimulate appetite; Compensate for energy consumed in exercise, study, and mental enhancement, reducing stress and fatigue.

29 types of nutrients in Care 100 Active, such as Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Zinc, Lysine, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 … also support maximum energy metabolism and nutrient absorption in children


Care 100 Active contains 29 nutrients and the exclusive “5 Active” system that provides outstanding energy for children to be active, tall, and confident.

The energy of 1 serving corresponding to 180ml of Care 100 Active milk will meet 45 minutes of learning, quickly compensating for the energy consumed in exercise and learning. Children only need 2-3 boxes of 180ml or 3-4 boxes of 110ml daily to provide enough energy whether they are studying, playing, exploring the world, or on the journey to conquer their dreams.

Each child is born like a blank page and everyday children will paint that page brilliantly according to what they learn through exploring the world around them. On that journey of discovery, parents are accompanied by Care 100 Active and the brand’s exclusive ambassador – national player Doan Van Hau, to give your children more energy to help them reach great heights!


For more information about Care 100 Active products, parents can refer to:



Hotline: 1800 6011


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