Resigned after 9 years working in a government company to followed a start-up journey in hometown

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Resigned after 9 years of working in a large hospital in Hanoi with a stable job, Ms. Phuc had to hesitate a lot when returning to her hometown to start her own business.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuc, 38 years old, is one of the largest Nutricare ambassador store owners located in Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province. Her path to success today was quite a story to tell.

Building a business in hometown

After graduation, Ms. Phuc worked for 9 years at 108 Military Hospital in Hanoi as a material warehouse employee. At that time, in the eyes of acquaintances and friends, she was a lucky person because she had a stable job at a large hospital, with a good income enough to support herself. Meanwhile, her husband – who was still a lover at that time – was also a student who had just graduated from the People’s Security Academy, returning to his hometown on an assigned mission.


At this time, Ms. Phuc is forced to choose, continue to stay in the capital with a job that has nothing to complain about or return to her hometown to marry the boy who has been with her for 8 years. In the end, love prevailed. She “packed up” and followed her husband, happy in love but worried about her unstable future.

Now, recalling her start-up journey, Ms. Phuc couldn’t help but have many different emotions, but in general, she felt that she had taken the right step.


Resigning after 9 years of working in a large hospital in Hanoi, Ms. Phuc is now the owner of 2 prestigious dairy shops in Yen Thanh district – Nghe An.

When she had just returned from the capital, with great encouragement and support from her husband and parents-in-law, Ms. Phuc risked her life to open a small store to start her business, helping her husband with financial support for the family. She said that the homeland is developing more and more, the lives of the people around are also much better and people will be very interested in the nutrition of children. Therefore, she decided to choose nutritional products for children to start her business – especially dairy products.

She started with a very limited amount of the product, from 6 cans to 12 cans of powdered milk. What she remembers the most is that in those early days, neighbors and local guests near where she lived were very fond of choosing Vietnamese dairy products, especially Nutricare’s milk. When she saw that customers believed in Vietnamese milk, she boldly imported a lot to sell.

Besides sales, she learned a lot about dairy brands, product lines, and the nutritional support effects of their products for each customer segment. She always shares the knowledge she has received with customers, wholeheartedly and sincerely.

Therefore, her shop grew bigger and bigger, from one to two. After 8 years of effort in her hometown, she has now become the owner of 2 prestigious dairy shops. In 2021, she plans to open a third store in the district to expand her business. The third store will focus on selling Nutricare’s milk lines – because this is not only her own choice but also because customers have chosen it since the first days she came to the dairy industry.


Ms. Phuc plans to open a 3rd store, focusing on selling Nutricare’s milk lines

Business with her own heart

When asked about her most memorable experience from the time she opened her dairy business, Ms. Phuc said: “Every customer who comes and trusts to choose Thuong Phuc (shop’s name) left a different memory. Sometimes, when I meet difficult customers, it takes me up to an hour and a half to explain in detail to customers over the phone about the ingredients in the product, the value of the product through the official distribution, the fully implemented promotions from the company to customers. Because of the dedicated advice, after that phone call, the next day, the customer immediately came to my store to buy the products she usually buys, and when accompanied with the store until now.”

Mr. Gia Pham, 33 years old, a regular customer of Thuong Phuc store No. 2 during the past year, also shared that the reason for attaching with the store is because of the dedicated advice of Ms. Phuc as well as the staff. Therefore, every time he goes to the store, Mr. Pham buys 5-6 boxes of milk for his nephew to use gradually.

“When doing business, people always focus on selling goods. But above all, I want customers to always choose the most useful product for their needs. I put my trust in Nutricare because the company was founded by nutrition experts who worked at the Institute of Nutrition and were trained abroad. Through seminars, experts share new information about nutrition and new innovations in products, thereby strengthening my knowledge, even more, helping me to become a nutrition consultant as my aspiration. I always share that with my customers, because I know it helps them to trust me more,” shared Ms.Phuc.

Thuong Phuc Dairy World – Nutricare’s ambassador store in Yen Thanh, Nghe An.

Address: Thuong Phu Dairy World 1, Yên Thành Town, Yên Thành District, Nghệ An Province

Hotline: 0979.559.401 – 0904.799.117

Nutricare is a leading research and manufacturing company of nutritional and medical nutrition products in Vietnam. Established in 2010 by nutrition scientists with the mission of providing comprehensive nutritional solutions for Vietnamese people of all ages: From pregnant mothers to babies, growing up, adults and elderly. In particular, Nutricare takes the lead in researching and launching medical nutrition products that have achieved many achievements, especially for cancer, liver, kidney, and diabetes patients, etc.




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