Nutricare gave 25,000 glasses of milk to patients in Bach Mai’s people with kidney disease village

Rate this post –  In the morning of March 25, Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company held the third milk handover, completing the goal of sending 25,000 glasses of milk to patients in Bach Mai “people with kidney disease village”.


Nutricare Nutrition JSC handed over 25,000 glasses of milk to the representative of Bach Mai people with kidney disease village

The small alley No. 121, Le Thanh Nghi street, Dong Tam ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi has long been known as “Bach Mai people with kidney disease village”. This is the accommodation of 142 kidney patients from many different provinces and cities, most of them with severe kidney failure, having to dialysis 3 times / week. After a few months of treatment, the “people with kidney disease village” members confessed, it was difficult to recognize themselves in the mirror. Besides the scars of AVF (Arteriovenous Fistula) surgery on the hand, everyone lost from a few kilograms to over ten kilograms of their weight. Two things that cause their weight loss are illnesses and strict diet, because any food might be a risk for allergies, hyperkalemia, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, etc .

The long treatment process exhausted them and their relatives from health to economic status. “Those uncles and aunties are dialysis patients who lose 81% of their health, and couldn’t do anything to earn money at all, most of the money is expected to be sent from their homes” – the head of “dialysis village” Mai Anh Tuan shared. The only way to “increase income” of the patients in this neighborhood is to eat less. After hours of dialysis, they walk home, drink water, and lie down. Nutritious milk for them is a luxury, some people in life have never drank milk.

Understanding the difficulties of disadvantaged communities that need the help of the whole society, Nutricare organized “Community health care program, giving 25,000 glasses of milk to 142 patients in Bach Mai people with kidney disease village”, divided into 3 times within 6 months. This long-term nutritional support will help patients improve their health to continue fighting their illness.


Nutricare volunteers give nutritional gifts to patients in Bach Mai kidney Village

Ms. Vu Mai Huong – Deputy General Director of Nutricare said: “Before organizing the milk giving program, Nutricare carefully surveyed, contacted kidney patients, learned about their lives, and considered each disease stage to choose the most suitable awarding product. People with kidney failure have damaged kidneys, making it difficult to filter waste products from protein metabolism. Therefore, unlike people with stage 1 chronic kidney disease who may need to restrict dietary protein intake, people who are under hemodialysis treatment have increased protein requirements.

From that fact, the 25,000 glasses of milk given to patients by Nutricare this time are all protein-rich nutritional milk lines – Leanmax Rena Gold 2, which helps support patients with kidney failure in the stage of hemodialysis, with volume adjustment. Low dietary intakes of phosphorus, potassium and sodium are suitable for this stage.


Ms. Vu Mai Huong – Nutricare Deputy General Director handed the gifts to 142 patients in the kidney village

After two milk donations at the end of 2020, in the morning of March 25, 2121, Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company held the third milk handover, completing the goal of sending 25,000 glasses of milk to patients at Bach Mai kidney village. The health survey shows positive results, after more than 4 months of use, 142 patients on dialysis have more or less weight gain.

 width=After more than 4 months, 142 patients on dialysis have more or less weight gain.

In addition to the program “25,000 glasses of milk to give to Bach Mai kidney hamlet”, merely in 2020, Nutricare’s green shirts soldiers also presented hundreds of thousands of glasses of milk to the medical staffs and police officers at the frontline in pandemic center: Vinh Phuc, Central Tropical Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Tropical Hospital, Hoa Vang Field Hospital – Da Nang City, Hai Duong General Hospital, Xuan Phuong Kindergarten, Bac Ninh General Hospital, etc.

Moreover, during the historic flood of Central Vietnam, the company’s leaders came to the four most damaged provinces including Ha Tinh, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Binh and Quang Tri, bringing essential products and Nutricare’s milk to support the people.

Nutricare is known as a leading company in nutrition and medical nutrition in Vietnam, founded by scientists. During the 10-year development journey, Nutricare’s “Million glasses of milk program for the community” has carried out many action campaigns such as: accompanying hospitals to give gifts to poor patients, medical examination and medicine, and giving milk for ethnic minorities in remote areas, etc.


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