Nutricare and 120,000 glasses of milk journey to” Join hands with the whole country to prevent and fight against Covid – 19″.

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Responding to the call of national “sharing and helping”spirit from the  Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Nutricare began the journey to join hands in the prevention and fight against epidemics. In addition to the active and timely implementation of communication activities on Covid – 19 epidemic prevention to the community, Nutricare has carried out practical support activities towards medical staff, soldiers, officers and workers who are participating in the fight with the epidemic. Let’s take a look at Nutricare’s memorable milestones in this meaningful journey!

On March 18th, Nutricare organized a charity program to support doctors and people suspected of being infected (F1 and F2) at Viet-Tiep Hospital Hai Phong, facility 1 and facility 2. Viet-Tiep Hospital Hai Phong is the receiving place, testing and quarantine for suspected Covid – 19 cases in the area since the very first days.

Understanding the struggles of the doctors and nurses in the time fighting the epidemic to protect the health of the community, understanding the fatigue and fears of those suspected of being isolated, Nutricare gave 100 cartons of liquid milk to the Hospital. The gift, though not too big, will give strength and energy to health workers who are working in epidemic prevention and the people in isolation can alleviate anxiety and gain the strength to fight and prevent epidemics.

On March 20th, the representative of Nutricare Company presented 100 cartons of liquid milk to employees at Bac Ninh General Hospital. The gifts were hand delivered to the nurses and doctors who are fighting day and night to protect the health of the community. Specifically, the frontline departments in the prevention and treatment of local epidemics such as: Department of Infectious Diseases, Department of Examination, Emergency and Transportation Center 115, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Central Testing, Control Infections and intensive care.

On the afternoon of March 24th, representatives of Nutricare Company came to support the staff at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Kim Chung campus with 100 cartons of milk provided. This is a frontline hospital, which receives and directly treats patients with signs of the disease. Therefore, the team of nurses and doctors here must urge, support and treat day and night, without missing a single person.

On the morning of March 25th, the representative of Nutricare Company handed over 100 cartons of  milk to the nurses and doctors at 2 Hospitals: General Hospital of Hai Duong Province and Hospital for Tropical Diseases of Hai Duong province. Nutricare hopes to partly share the difficulties and strengthen the medical prevention and treatment of our country’s medical sector.

On the afternoon of March 31st, representatives of Nutricare Company visited and supported the staff at Thai Nguyen Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital with 50 containers of milk cartons. Thai Nguyen Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital is the place for isolating, monitoring and treating suspected and infected Covid – 19 cases in the area. Therefore, the team of medical staff here are fighting their best to protect people’s health.

Bach Mai Hospital is the hot spot of Covid-19 epidemic. Accordingly, the team of Medicine and Doctors here must fight hard against the epidemic, both treating hundreds of patients and ensuring their own health to cope with the illness. Also on March 31st, representatives of Nutricare Company visited and supported the staff of Bach Mai Hospital with 200 cartons of Metacare milk.

On March 30th, representatives of Nutricare Company visited and supported the staff at Bac Giang General Hospital and Thanh Hoa General Hospital. Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital is a tier 1 hospital, which has cured 1 Covid-19 positive patient, and is currently treating and isolating suspected Covid-19 patients. This is the second facility in the country to successfully treat people infected with coronavirus.

Following the program of joining hands to support doctors against epidemic diseases Covid-19, on April 15th, the representative of Nutricare Company visited and supported medical staff at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh Hospital for Tropical Diseases is the key frontline for Covid-19 epidemic control in the southern region, where Covid-19 patients are treated, especially serious cases.

On April 17, Nutricare was present at Phuc Yen Regional General Hospital, visited, encouraged and gave health gifts to the medical staff working here. In the meeting at the hospital, doctors shared difficulties, the risks encountered and necessary protective measures for daily contact with patients, although there are still many difficulties, the medical staff here are also very optimistic and cheerful and always tries their best to join hands to fight back the pandemic.

On April 17th, Nutricare also visited to encourage and donate ColosCare dairy products to increase the resistance to medical staff at Dong Da District Medical Center. Visiting here, we could see the hardships of the Preventive Medicine staff working here, this was the pioneering force, the front line to protect the community, and having roles to investigate epidemiology, disinfect the environment, and take samples for testing in the district.

On April 18th, Nutricare visited and encouraged medical staff at Vinh Phuc General Hospital. Vinh Phuc General Hospital is one of the key areas in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, with many suspected cases being quarantined here, doctors are fighting day and night, helping ensure safety for the whole society.

On April 24th, Nutricare came to donate more than 14 thousand sets of milk to the Vietnam Health Industry Trade Union. Accordingly, the gifts will be awarded by the Trade Union to medical staff and workers participating in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Also at the ceremony, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Thanh Binh shared information about the difficulties of union members and workers during the Covid-19 anti-epidemic peak. Medical staff in the anti-epidemic stage not only face heavy workload and high intensity of work, but also have to change the rhythm of life and away from family and relatives. Especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women, they still have to face psychological pressure, health burdens, and leaving their children unattended. With nutritional gifts given, Nutricare hopes to share some difficulties with workers and medical staff.

Continuing a series of meaningful activities, on April 29th, Nutricare held a ceremony to donate 15,000 glasses of milk to the Vietnam Peacekeeping Department and 13 gift-sets to soldiers on duty in South Sudan. This is an activity in the series of programs “Nutricare join hands to prevent and combat Covid – 19″. Accordingly, the gifts will be awarded by the Vietnam Peacekeeping Department to officers and soldiers.

The Vietnam Peacekeeping Department is under the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam and is a specialized agency engaged in United Nations peacekeeping operations. The Department has the task of “researching, advising, training, preparing and deploying forces, commanding and operating all forces involved in United Nations peacekeeping operations of the Vietnam People’s Army”. The officers and soldiers here not only face heavy pressure, high working intensity, but also have to change the pace of life and away from family and relatives, especially in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic that is now spreading across borders.

Although Nutricare’s nutritional gifts are not too “big” in terms of value, they will give strength and energy to medical staff and soldiers who are participating in epidemic prevention work. In the spirit of “sharing and caring”, Nutricare wishes to contribute and share more and care more, together with Vietnam and the whole world, to fight against the Covid – 19.

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