“Million glasses of milk for the community” comes to pediatric cancer patients

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Suckhoedoisong.vn – On April 28, 2021, at the Vietnam National Children’sHospital, the signing ceremony and launch of the nutrition program “Million glasses of milk for the community” coordinated between Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company (JSC), VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and the National Children’s Hospital.



Director of National Hospital of Pediatrics, Director of Nutricare Nutrition JSC and Director of VinaCapital Foundation signed and launched the program “Million glasses of milk for the community”.

This activity is part of a social responsibility program called “Million glasses of milk for the community” that Nutricare has implemented for over a year. The total cost of the program, worth more than 1 billion VND, is financed by Nutricare Nutrition JSC.

As one of the leading nutrition companies in Vietnam, Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company is not only a pioneer in the field of providing nutritional solutions and medical nutrition but also a dedicated company with the contribution to sustainable development in Vietnam through social activities, especially activities focusing on improving children’s health care.

Nutrition program “Million glasses of milk for the community” was implemented by Nutricare and VCF with the desire to improve nutritional status and increase the chances of recovering after treatment of pediatric cancer patients at the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, and at the same time raise awareness about the role of nutritional milk for children in the treatment process.


Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh – General Director of Nutricare said that the program was aimed to support knowledge, provide medical nutrition products to support treatment, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Activities of the Nutrition Program “Million cups of milk for the community” in 2021 include: (1) Providing free Leanmax Hope 400 grams of milk to children with cancer at National Children’s Hospital of Pediatrics from April to December 2021, with an estimated total volume of 2,700 cans of milk; (2) Every 2 weeks, organize a Happy Children’s Day Class with funny topics for children about milk, food and nutrition to make them more interested in drinking milk; (3) Organize monthly nutritional education sessions for parents and caregivers, led by nutritionists of the National Children’s Hospital and Nutricare’s counselors; (4) Carry out a survey to assess the impact of nutritional milk supply on the health of pediatric cancer patients before and after 03 to 06 months of receiving milk at the hospital. 

Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh – General Director of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company shared: “Nutrition program for children with cancer is implemented by Nutricare and VCF, in collaboration with National Children’s Hospital to support knowledge and provide medical nutrition products that support treatment and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

This is a safe, effective product that has been clinically proven at Hanoi Medical University Hospital. For many years, the program “Million glasses of milk for the community” has contributed to nutritional support for people in difficult circumstances, children in highland areas, and also patients with kidney, thyroid, diabetes … Nutricare hopes to accompany closely with VCF and health organizations in nutritional care activities for the community in the coming time”.


General Director of VinaCapital Foundation, Rad Kivette shared, VinaCapital Foundation is proud to be a part of the nutrition program “Million glasses of milk for the community”.

“The VinaCapital Foundation’s top priority is to focus on improving the health and quality of life of Vietnamese children through both financial and emotional support. VCF is proud to be a part of the nutrition program “Million glasses of milk for the community” and has the opportunity to cooperate with Nutricare to not only provide better nutrition care for children with cancer but also help improve Nutrition awareness for parents and caregivers at the National Children’s Hospital. I believe the program will help improve the nutrition of children with cancer as well as bring a brighter future to their families”- Mr. Rad Kivette, General Director of VinaCapital Foundation shared.


Nutricare sponsors a year to use Leanmax Hope milk for the National Hospital of Pediatrics.

Through the implementation of this program, Nutricare Nutrition JSC and the VinaCapital Foundation are committed to improving the quality of nutrition for children with cancer, offering good conditions for them to recover better, providing opportunities for them to stay healthy after treatment.


Visiting and giving gifts to pediatric patients at the National Pediatric Oncology Department.

Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company is currently the owner of the most diverse portfolio of nutritional products on the market with product lines of nutritional care for the entire human life cycle, from pregnancy, children, adults, the elderly, and especially the product line of medical nutrition therapy.

Nutricare currently owns 3 manufacturing factories: Factory I, Factory II, and Bird nest Factory with automatic machinery line, applying the quality management system according to international standards ISO 22000: 2018, GMP and HACCP and distribution system with chain of ambassador stores, retail stores throughout the country.

In addition to business activities, Nutricare always upholds activities towards the sustainable development of society, joining hands to bring the best nutrition which is suitable for the state of Vietnamese with practical activities, especially in the field of nutrition – the strength of the business: Supporting scientific research, nutritional support for disadvantaged people in society, increasing public awareness about the role of nutrition, etc.

VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) is a non-profit organization registered in the US and operating in Vietnam with the goal of supporting economic development and empowering Vietnamese children and women through health programs. and education. VCF activities have helped change the lives of thousands of Vietnamese people across 63 provinces every year.

VCF’s medical programs include Heart Beat Vietnam – a program that sponsors the cost of heart surgery and pre-postoperative care for children with congenital heart disease, and Screening offers the opportunity of free medical examinations for children in remote areas. VCF initiatives include programs to support cancer treatment in children, as well as prevention and treatment of poor children with retinopathy in preterm infants.

Capacity building programs for medical staff in the provinces include Professional Health Capacity Building – donation of medical equipment, organization of training courses; providing clean water systems for health centers and schools, with Life Nurturing support equipment and infant care training.

In the field of education, VCF runs the A Brighter Path scholarship program that grants 7-year full scholarships as well as guidance and skills training necessary for ethnic minority girls in difficult circumstances with good academic achievements.

VCF’s vision is a Vietnam where everyone shares economic interests. All VCF programs deliver a deep commitment to women’s rights, gender equality, nutritional improvement, environmental protection, and poverty reduction. 

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