Five ways to prevent constipation during pregnancy for pregnant mothers

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During pregnancy, pregnant mothers often have problems with absorption and constipation that are uncomfortable, affecting the mother’s motivation and health, especially directly affecting 1000 golden days of the baby. Join Nutricare to find out solutions to prevent constipation during pregnancy, help pregnant mothers have a healthy pregnancy!

Is constipation during pregnancy dangerous?

Constipation during pregnancy is one of the most common absorption problems of pregnant women. This is a normal symptom of pregnancy. There are many causes of constipation in pregnant mothers, such as the increase in hormones, inadequate diet, sedentary, gestational diabetes, ..etc.

Constipation during pregnancy makes pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable, burning pain defecating, accompanied by symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite, … greatly affect the morale and health of the pregnant mother and the fetus. In addition, constipation in pregnant mothers can also cause unintended consequences such as:

  • When pregnant mothers push hard, they can easily miscarry or give birth prematurely.
  • The toxins contained in the waste (phenol, ammonia, indol, …) remain in the intestine for too long, and reverse absorption will occur.
  • The psychology of pregnant women often fatigue, irritability, frustration, and decreased appetite.
  • The fetus is not provided with adequate nutrition, affecting physical and intellectual development.

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How to prevent constipation during pregnancy?

To prevent constipation during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can apply the following simple but very effective ways:

  • Drink a lot of water. The recommended level for pregnant women is 2-3 liters/day, depending on the period of pregnancy.
  • Add fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in fiber to your daily diet.
  • Regularly exercise lightly or perform gentle exercises such as walking, yoga, swimming, …
  • Use laxatives and enemas as directed by your doctor
  • Create a habit of going to the toilet on time to avoid digestive disorders.

Smarta Mom – nutrition for pregnant mothers that aids absorption, reducing constipation during pregnancy

In addition to the above methods of preventing constipation during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should consider choosing dairy products to provide the most complete nutrients, increase absorption and reduce constipation. Among many brands of milk for pregnancy on the market, Smarta Mom is a reputable brand that mothers can trust.


Smarta Mom adds 7.2 billion beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium BB12 and Lactobacillus La5 combined with natural fiber to help support digestion, increase mineral absorption, and help pregnant mother’s laxative and reduce constipation during pregnancy.

In addition, Smarta Mom uses the dietary sugar system, as well as provides a full 27 vitamins and minerals to help pregnant mothers control their weight better and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Mother can use Smarta Mom pregnancy milk so that the body is provided with adequate nutrients right from the moment the intention of becoming pregnant, creating a premise for the fetus to develop well.

Please learn more about the product here.

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