Doan Van Hau is officially on the list of the vietnamese team to play in the 2022 world cup qualifiers

Rate this post coach Park Hang-Seo has officially shortened the list of Vietnam team to 29 players to the UAE to attend the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia. Notably, Doan Van Hau is one of the names selected by the Korean coach.

Doan Van Hau: The name that received the most attention before leaving for the UAE

Doan Van Hau has not played for more than a year, only treating injuries. The last time Hau appeared in an official match was from last November. Since then, a defender from Thai Binh has not been able to attend any official matches due to a recurrence of the injury.

It was until the beginning of this May that Van Hau finished his treatment at PVF and was advised to gradually increase his training volume for 3-4 weeks before he could play again. But only 2 weeks later, Mr. Park put Van Hau into the field in the recent internal practice match with the U22 Vietnam team.

And not beyond the predictions of experts, the fact that Van Hau was on the list to go to the UAE was in the plan of Coach Park Hang-Seo. Even more likely, Van Hau will be arranged in the line-up formation of the Vietnamese team in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia.

This made many people think of the 30th SEA Games, Mr. Park was determined to “claim” the presence of Van Hau (who was playing in the Netherlands at that time) and the defender born in 1999 shone, especially in the final to help bring the historic gold medal for the Vietnamese football team. 

At the moment, Van Hau’s presence is very important in the tactical scheme of Coach Park Hang-Seo. Moreover, before that, Van Hau participated in all 5 matches of the Vietnamese team in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers and was in the group of players who played the most with more than 370 minutes. Mr. Park must be the one who understands his students best, so he will definitely have an appropriate plan for Van Hau.

Doan Van Hau: Positive energy – Motivation to overcome challenges

Before the injury, fans always saw an aggressive, enthusiastic, confident Doan Van Hau when finishing on the field. Van Hau is also loved and respected by coaches and teammates for his hard work, mature mentality, gentleness, humility, and modesty. At Van Hau, there is always a source of positive energy.

Before the recruitment day, Van Hau shared: “Currently, Van Hau’s biggest challenge is to overcome this injury period. I need to practice more to keep the best status and form when returning to the competition. It’s about the colors of the flag, the audience, teammates, coaching staff, family, relatives and positive energy that are great motivations for Hau to overcome that challenge.”.

Van Hau mentioned many times about strong and positive energy as a motivation to help him confidently pursue his passion. The talented young player always believes that this outstanding energy will help him to be brave and play at his best, contributing to the Vietnamese team to achieve resounding victories in the matches, and most recently will be the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. That is also what Van Hau wants to share in the message “Outstanding energy – Reaching heights” of Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk from Care 100 and the reason he accepted the invitation to be the exclusive brand ambassador for this brand.


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Both Van Hau and Care 100 Active milk brand wish to bring outstanding energy, inspire a strong spirit and bravery for children to overcome all challenges on the journey to explore the world full of novelty or conquer dreams.

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