Doan Van Hau becomes the exclusive ambassador of the brand Care 100

Rate this post –  In his role as exclusive ambassador, player Doan Van Hau will accompany to bring Care 100 products closer to customers on the journey “Beat the stunting”, improving the stature of Vietnamese children.

Player Van Hau and Care 100 “beat the stunting” of Vietnamese children

The representative of the brand Care 100 said that choosing Doan Van Hau as the exclusive ambassador is one of the activities in the strategy of building the brand Care 100, becoming the number 1 choice of customers in the journey ” Beat the stunting ”of Vietnamese children.


Player Doan Van Hau becomes the exclusive ambassador of the brand Care 100 – Beat the stunting

The brand highly appreciates the talent and dedication of Doan Van Hau in recent years. Not only possessing a “extraordinary” record such as: The most expensive player in Vietnamese football history, the “Best Young Player” in 2018, making an important contribution to helping the Vietnamese team win the AFF Cup 2018 and Seagame 2021, Van Hau is also the idol of many young people as well as parents thanks to his stature, fitness and talent.

The outstanding height along with the resounding achievements on Van Hau’s field is the most vivid illustration of what the Care 100 brand has been aiming for over the past 10 years. The brand believes that the excellent defender of the Vietnamese team can fully convey the messages of Care 100 to customers, which is to bring the optimal source of nutrition, solving the child’s stunting problem, helping to gain weight and increase height, be ready with children to overcome all obstacles and reap success in the future.

Representative of Care 100 added that from 2021, Van Hau will accompany the brand’s activities and events across the country, helping Care 100 come closer to customers.

Opportunity to own golden ball and “gift rain” with Doan Van Hau

To launch the campaign “With Van Hau – Beat the stunting”, Care 100 brings customers across the country a super attractive promotion called “Instant Collection – Get instant gifts“.


Attractive promotion program “Instant Collection – Get instant gifts” with “gift rain” from Doan Van Hau

From March 15 to May 15, 2021, a special lucky card will appear in each batch of Care 100 Gold + 110ml or 180ml liquid milk, offering a chance to receive “gift rain” from idol Doan Van Hau, with a total value of up to billions Vietnam dong.

For each purchase 1 pack of Care 100 Gold + 110ml or 180ml milk, customers will own themselves a lucky card. Owning this card is an opportunity to win a fashionable snapback hat or a dynamic ball signed by player Doan Van Hau.

At the same time, this card is also very likely to become a card that knows how to “lay” golden balls, with each ball worth up to 1 tael of 9999 gold. You just need to text the lucky code to the switchboard 8069 and wait for your luck on three dial days are April 15, May 15, and June 15, 2021.


Each batch of Milk Care 100 Gold + 110ml or 180ml is an opportunity to own a golden ball worth 1 tael of 9999 gold

For the detail information of the program, please visit:

It is known that Care 100 Gold + is a product that has been researched by top nutrition scientists of Nutricare – Vietnam National Brand continuously since 2018. According to the clinical research results of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine: after only 2 months, Care 100 Gold + has helped the baby’s nutritional status improve significantly. Specifically, Care 100 Gold + helps children gain up to 1.5 kg, better weight gain efficiency 36.4% and increase 2.6 cm, height increase efficiency 23.8% better

 width=According to the clinical research results of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine, Care 100 Gold + helps children gain weight and height after 2 months

Care 100 Gold + provides an outstanding energy source of up to 120 kcal / 100ml, researched on the basis of the WHO-recommended nutritional formula F100 Gold for malnourished children: Support children’s development, brain and vision; enhance immune system; aid in weight and height gain; good for digestion, stimulates children’s taste and appetite. With only 2-3 glasses of milk a day, Care 100 Gold + provides nutrition for your baby to grow taller and develop healthy.

 width=Care 100 Gold + owns a nutritional formula recommended by WHO for malnourished children

Thanks to the outstanding advantages in the formula, Care 100 Gold + has become an effective assistant of Vietnamese mothers in the fight against stunting in children. The companionship of national player Doan Van Hau as the exclusive ambassador of the Care 100 brand will convey the full brand message in the journey to improve the stature of Vietnamese children.


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