Doan Van Hau – A model of confidence and positive energy in life

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“DOAN VAN HAU – a model of confidence and always full of positive energy in life”

From a 4th grade boy participating in school football tournaments, until now, Doan Van Hau has become a strong and talented young player of the national team, becoming the ideal model of confidence and positive energy of many young people in life.

At the age of 20, Van Hau already has a remarkable record in hand, a series of titles that any player dreams of Typical Asian player at the FIFA World Cup U20-2017 (voted by FOX Sports); The best young player in Southeast Asia 2017, the best young player in Vietnam 2017, 2018 and 2019. Along with that, there are many victories that captivate fans of the Vietnamese football team.

To get those proud achievements, the perseverance, effort, and strong energy from Doan Van Hau is what we see in this talented young player.


“The process of training and competition was tough, but Van Hau has never thought about giving up”

Many people believe that being successful at the age of twenty often makes us fall into the trap of illusion, that we are good enough, brave enough to make all dreams come true and it is the fearsome enemy of the youngsters. However, Van Hau has never thought that way!


“Van Hau has never thought of stopping striving. Hau always reminds me to work hard every day so that I will not be left behind.”

That is also the reason why Van Hau decided to move to play in the Netherlands. This is an important milestone in the young player’s football career, also a challenging and harsh time that Van Hau has put all his spirit and energy into training himself.


“During the most challenging and harsh time, Van Hau always put all his spirit and energy to train himself”

It is the persistent practice and positive energy that always burns in Van Hau that is the critical factor for this guy’s “superior height” and strong physique. And that is also the reason why this talented young player was chosen as the exclusive ambassador for Nutricare’s Care 100 brand. Care 100 Active Cocoa-malt Milk is the latest product from the Care 100 brand that possesses a breakthrough appearance with the image of tough and strong player Doan Van Hau, inspiring all children that have a dream and a desire to be strong and energetic every day.


“In addition to working hard, Van Hau is very focusing on eating and recharging to have a healthy body”

As an exclusive brand ambassador, Van Hau will accompany the brand’s activities and events across the country, helping Care 100 Active fulfill its mission of becoming a companion of children, providing a source of energy for children with outstanding quality so that they have a good physical foundation, reach great heights anytime, anywhere, whether they are studying, playing, discovering a new world or on a journey to conquer their dreams.


“Van Hau and Care 100 Active will become children’s companions, providing outstanding energy for them to have a good physical foundation and reach great heights”

Nutricare – The national brand of medical nutrition has just launched a Cocoa-malt milk product: Care 100 Active.This is the pioneer product with the exclusive “5 Active” nutritional benefits to help children develop skeletal muscles and height; strengthen resistance; stimulate appetite; compensate for the energy consumed in movement, study and improve the spirit, reduce stress and fatigue. At the same time, Care 100 Active is also the only cocoa-malt milk product on the market with a nutritional formula with 29 nutrients, helping to maximize energy metabolism and nutrient absorption in children.



Hotline: 1800.6011 (toll free)


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