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Saturday November 11th, 2017 / 919 view

NUTRICARE is proud to be one of the actively domestic innovators to improve its competitive position.

Completion in the dairy market has never been as fierce as today. Domestic dairy enterprises are constantly innovating to take the initiative in the market.

At the international dairy exhibition of Vietnam in Hanoi, the booths of domestic dairy enterprises are always crowded with visitors, even greater than those of imported dairies. Vinamilk’s dairy show booth is most eye-catching with friendly decor, close to nature as well as live performances by the artists. In opposition to Vinamilk is the large and beautiful booth of Nutricare Nutrition Co., Ltd, with cute and active mascot rabbits, always giving candy, balloons to children and performing super memorable, super lovely dance moves, along with a team of professional nutrition consultants who are listening to anxiety, as well as the concern of customers to find out the type of milk suitable for their needs & pocket.

Consumers are increasingly interested in local dairy products

Mr. Phan Minh Tien, Marketing Director of Vinamilk said: To this exhibition, Vinamilk would like to introduce to customers the first organic dairy farm meeting European standards in Vietnam, built in Da Lat. The farm would produce the most nutritious dairy products for the customer.

Meanwhile, at the booth of Ba Vi Milk Joint Stock Company, dozens of customers lined up waiting for a fresh milk test from the cows coming from “Tan Mountain and Black River”. Ms. Thu Hang, a consumer in Hanoi shared: In recent years, local dairies have constantly changed their designs, improved their quality, and promoted their trademarks so that they are increasingly popular among domestic consumers. ”Local dairy firms like Ba Vi, Moc Chau … have many lines of milk which are not inferior to foreign milk. So I often buy them for my children” she said.

Mr. Tran Quang Trung, Chairman of the Vietnam Dairy Association, said that the first international milk and dairy product exhibition held in Vietnam attracted hundreds of well-known dairy brands both domestically and internationally like: Vinamilk, Moc Chau, Ba Vi, IDP, Nestle, Tetra Pak, NutriCare … In particular, domestic dairy brands increasingly assert their position in the domestic market.

“This is an opportunity for domestic enterprises to meet, exchange, seek partners, expand markets, strengthen cooperation with foreign companies to enhance competitiveness towards sustainable development for the dairy industry of Vietnam”, said Mr. Trung.

Innovation to compete

According to Mr. Le Hoang Vinh, Director of Ba Vi Milk Joint Stock Company, in the process of integration, lowered import tax, more foreign milk into Vietnam, domestic dairy industry needs to professionalize, and orient to invest in chain from breeding to consumers: from high yield breed quality and quality milk to raised scale of reducing the input cost of raw materials …

“The most core is to ensure milk quality. To do so, it is necessary to focus on raising technology and milk processing”, Mr. Vinh said. In the last time at Ba Vi Milk Company, the focus has been on investment in European standard dairy processing technology, in addition to machinery and equipment, as well as management processes.

According to Mr. Ta Bao Long, Communications Director of Tetra Pak (specializing in providing solutions in processing technology, packaging, preserving milk …), foreign companies can be strong in capital, technology, management … but the domestic enterprises are also more and more learned from foreign companies and are constantly gaining market share in the country.

Mr. Long analyzed: The demand of milk use by young people changes very fast so businesses must constantly innovate to offer better products that are suitable with consumers’ tastes, for example, using packaging technology convenient for transportation of young people, suitable to the household.

“The dairy sector in Vietnam has a lot of potentials for growth, especially when parents are increasingly interested in the development of their children. Currently, the market of dairy Vietnam has just developed in the city, while it remains vacant in the rural and mountainous areas. The application of sterilization technologies will help to reduce damage, ease transportation and preserve dairy products longer to reach these areas “, said Mr. Long.

NUTRICARE tự hào là một trong những doanh sữa nội tích cực đổi mới để nâng cao vị thế cạnh tranh.

Additionally, Mr. Le Hoang Vinh suggested that the State should have a mechanism to help businesses to access loans more easily. Enterprises are now keen to expand their production but have not been accessible to a preferential loan of VND100 trillion for hi-tech agriculture. Simultaneously, enterprises strongly expect the state management agencies to strictly control the quality of feeds and veterinary drugs for the quality of milk sources to be ensured.

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