Why should you join Nutricare?

With the mission bringing as many nutritional products as possible and providing the optimal nutrition solutions followed the international standards, after 7 years of establishment and development, Nutricare is affirming the position as well as the brand name in nutrition industry in Vietnam. We believe that Nutricare is a good organization for young people to achieve the good job opportunities, satisfy their passion and enthusiasm.


Civilized and friendly working environment

Human is the important role, appreciating and respecting people are the key points of Nutricare’s success. The managers always listen to the employees’ opinions to make the best decisions.

With the slogan “NUTRICARE – FOR YOUR RETURN”, we put a lot of efforts to build up a civilized and friendly working environment in order to encourage the spirit as well as the connection between the employees, for the strong Nutricare family.

Worthy and Competitive Benefits

Nutricare frequently updates and improves the policies related to salary, the benefit to be consistent with the employee’s effort. It not only helps to enhance the staff’s life but also makes them feel reliable to work for the Nutricare family longer.

In addition, the based-on-performance income engages the striving spirit, interest, and responsibility at work.


Development & Training Opportunity

Development opportunity: Nutricare understands that creation is the only direction for big companies. Nutricare is improving the quality of products and services. We are expanding the market from North the South, and there are a lot of job opportunities for young people to challenge themselves as well as inspire their creative ideas and enthusiasm.

Training opportunity: pay attention to the labor resources is the priority to help the company maintain its position in the competitive market. Nutricare frequently invites top Vietnam’s nutrition experts to the company for mutual discussion in order to improve the knowledge, soft skills to bring the best products to consumers.

Original Culture

An organization must have its own culture to survive and develop. At Nutricare, “Integrity – Respect – Justice – Compliance – Morality” are main factors to build the company’s culture and become the reliable, responsible, enthusiastic employee. Besides, the song “Nutricare – For you return” is the familiar melody to describe the spirited culture as well as the culture of Nutricare family.

In addition, Nutricare mobilized a competition: “Seiri – Seiton – Seiso – Seiketsu – Shitsuke” and has got the warm-hearted responses from the staff. This is an effective way to encourage people, improve the working environment and increase productivity.

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