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Friday October 12th, 2018 / 213 view

Being accompany with NUTRICARE to give gifts to the children with cancer at K Hospital

“Today’s Child – Tomorrow’s World” – we live in a world where children are the most valuable asset, but among them there are many children who had the unfortunate fates and suffered from the torment of the disease day after day.

With love and compassion, on September 4, Nutricare has accompanied the artists and singers namely Khanh Ly, Quang Thanh, Thai Thuy Linh and fans to contribute a little heart to dedicate more than 50 gifts for children patients at K Tan Trieu Hospital. Then, on September 8, the group continued to bring joy to patients in the Central Institute of Psychiatrywith 450 gifts. Contributing to this activity, Nutricare wishes to bring the laughter and fun to patients and kid patients so that they have more hope and strength and continue to fight back against the disease.

The singers come together to share with child patients and their parents

Child patients and their parents feel happy and warm

The doctor also join as a bridge between the child patients and the charity group

Singer Khanh Ly gave gifts to the children

To express gratitude, the little children clapped and sang the song “I Love You Granny” many times to singer Khanh Ly

Nutricare is pleased to be accompanied with the event and bring the most practical gifts

On September 8, the charity group continued to bring joys to patients at Hanoi mental hospital.

The charity group gave gifts to patients

Sisters from Nutricare’s charity group are happy to be accompanied with singer Khanh Ly